Barrister Adewole Adebayo charges Nigerians for collective fulfillment as key solution to challenges

Barrister Adewole Adebayo

Amidst insecurity, economy recession and educational setback, Barrister Adewole Adebayo has charged Nigerians to use the mentality of collective fulfillment as it is a key solution to get Nigeria out of her present stagnation.

“…..things that matter in this country has to be done collectively…any person who understands this would be thinking he has to be when you wake up in the morning you don’t cry for what you need, you cry for what the society needs.”

The aspiring President, while addressing journalists in a press conference held in his residence made this call to action as he posited that the activities of sectors within the country should be done collectively by both the government and the citizens.

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Delivering his speech at the conference, The Ondo Prince expressed dissatisfaction at the level of insecurity in Nigeria when he jealously compared an Australian taxi driver enjoying peace of life while Nigerian medical Practioner’s life is troubled.

Discussing the educational sector, he confirmed that the most important thing in this sector is not having the best curriculum but having fidelity to it. He further stressed that if the government could maintained that the Senators, Ministers among others never embark on industrial action then public servants should not be exceptional.

“The most important person in education is the learner.” He said.


However, he vowed to run schools efficiently by establishing educational policy that gives room for development from the grassroots where value, integrity and honor be restored between teachers and learners.

Barrister Adewole who noted the essential needs of the youths of which end to Police brutality is one of the major problems they are facing, he further promised the Nigerian youth of social participation and society that will respect the Rule of Law.

Also at the conference, the National leader of the Coalition umbrella, Dr Olu Agunloye said that the alliance body will set a new pace by endorsing qualified and capable candidates.



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