Argentina and Brazil equal trophies at Copa America 2021

Argentina and at the just concluded Copa 2021 now have equal trophies in their respective cabinets.

Argentina won the Copa 2020 with a 1-0 victory over with a wonderful strike from Angel Di Maria, has gotten the exact 18 trophies Brazil has acquired.

has 5 FIFA World Cup, 9 Copa America, 4 FIFA Confederations making 18 trophies in total and Argentina has 2 FIFA World Cup,15 Copa America, 1 FIFA confederations cup making 18 trophies in total.

This victory is a deserving one for Argentina and particularly for Messi finally won a trophy for his Countryside.

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Recalled that few years ago Messi announced retirement for ’s football due to frustration caused by incessant lost in competitions but was lured and appeased to keep on playing as Argentines proclaimed their belief and trust in his capacity.

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