“All women, myself inclusive, are ashawo” — Blogger, Blessing Okoro

Nigerian relationship expert and vlogger,  has generalized all as “” saying as long as they open their legs for a man to penetrate, then they are one.

In a shared on her Instagram page recently, the wrote as caption,

Every woman Na Ashawo…
Married do pass because na them open leg pass without saying NO 😉.
Reason am

her speak below,

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Blessing Okoro, is of the opinion that people who are genuinely happy in their relationships and marriages are not on media.

According to the controversial socialite, people who are really happy in their relationship do not need to “use it to do business or create content”.

Her post reads,

Listen People who are genuinely Happy in their relationships And marriages are not found on media… If you are not creating content Selling products, showing your talent or doing business then you are clout chasing That is what the social media is for Entertainment. Even ur your relationships drama is just entertainment abeg rest …

If you must show ur relationship and marriage use it to do business or create content stop proving to us u are happy.

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