Adeokun Samuel : Art should be given high premium as other subjects

Adeokun samuel

An Exclusive interview with Adeokun Olanrewaju Samuel. An artist who shared his experience and thought with our correspondent.

Empiregist : Who are you and what do you do?

Samuel : I’m ADEOKUN OLANREWAJU SAMUEL, a Multimedia Artist

Empiregist : Why do you do what you do?

Samuel : My whole life has been directed to the line of Art. My way of life, the way i talk, my dressing. Ultimately I guess its in the blood. From childhood even when I don’t know what art means I tell people I want to be an artist, right before my basic education

Empiregist : How do you work?

Samuel : I’m a studio artist. I turn anywhere I find myself to a studio.

Empiregist: What’s your background?

Samuel : I attend Methodist Primary School Ogbe Abeokuta, proceeded to Anglican High School Ibara Abeokuta between 2003/2008 to obtain my SSCE. from there I gain admission to Federal college of Education Osiele through Pre NCE 2009 transited to NCE 2010 where I studied Fine And and applied Art specialized in Painting and Textile 2013set. In the year 2017 I gained admission to Adeyemi College of Education ondo an affiliate to Obafemi Awolowo University to pursue my Bsc in art where I specialized in Textile. I graduated 2019. Now I’m a practicing artist

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Empiregist : What has been a seminal experience?

Samuel : Its been God’s grace all the way that I’m enjoying. Its not been easy though. But God has been keeping me on the track

Empiregist : How has your practice change over time?

Samuel : Art is not static. As the world moves art moves with it because its art that define the essence and the beauty of life. Therefore my work of art moves with the trending of the world. Interns of material,skill, theme and concept

Empiregist : What art do you most identify with?

Samuel : I’m a multimedia artist who can easily dabble into any media and produce work of art from it. I’m a conceptual artist with special interest in incorporating textile approach into painting

Adeokun samuel

Adeokun samuel

Adeokun samuel

Empiregist : What work do you most enjoying doing?

Samuel : Working with polimark on canvas, I also enjoyed thread painting, embroidery and Tie Dye in its category and I’m a painter as well

Empiregist : What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

Samuel : There was a time around my Basic 2 class. The period when we stopped using slate and this big note with A for Apple, B for…… Images were print at the back was just introduced. This faithful day I was tracing the A for Apple diagram on another sheet and all of a sudden an old man just tapped me at the back and said ” Instead of tracing why can’t you try drawing it” I looked down on my paper and by the time I looked up the man is no where to be found. Ever since, there I stopped tracing image and developed my drawing skill.

Empiregist : What’s your scariest experience?

Samuel : None

Empiregist : Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

Samuel : 2012 or thereabout. One of my Art lecturer Dr John Adenle staged a solo exhibition at yabatech Lagos tagged ADAPTATION. The experience there motivated me and develop the urge to produce as many art works as possible that even mouth will not be able to count, stage as many solo exhibition as possible and keep on producing and this as always make me to always put my hand on the board.

Empiregist : What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

Samuel : I’ve been an Art Educator all days of my life, A Shoe Maker by virtue of training and Master of Ceremonies, my life is art all the way.

Empiregist : Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

Samuel : Art is life. It is never lonely. I’m always with my babies (my artworks) even when people are not around. They communicate new Ideas to me and I get refreshed. Not to talk of when people or art lovers are around.

Empiregist : What do you dislike about the art world?

Samuel : High cost of art materials.

Empiregist : What do you like about your work?

Samuel : My art is a replica of me. It depict my thoughts. The same love I give myself goes to my art pieces. I get mad when you rough handle any of my art piece no matter how small. I value my privacy and lone life when it come to ditching out the inspiration in me, so at that point you don’t disturb me. Because when you do………

Empiregist : What superpower would you have and why?

Samuel : Super power…. I will love have wings, create art with a tap of a finger….. Fly all over the world to behold its beauty and render it as art

Empiregist : Name something you love, and why.

Samuel : I love my art because it’s my creation, it’s my identity

Empiregist : What is your dream project?

Samuel : That ADEOKUN should be heard all over the world through art, in the line of art

Empiregist : Name three artists you’d like to be compared to. And why?

Samuel : 1.Mama Peju Layiwola. I love her textiles and her installations. Just my thing
2. Lanre Tejuosho. An environmental waste installation artist. His style and tutelage takes me to installation art
3. Dotun Popoola. I love his spirit and his passion for making differences. So am willing to go extra mile than him

Empiregist : Should art be funded?

Samuel : Yes!!! In fact I address it in my final year publication. THE ROLE OF ART IN THE TEACHING OF OTHER SUBJECTS IN SECONDARY SCHOOL CURRICULUM. Art gives the child the opportunity to identify, know whom he truly is, knowing it fully well that every one is born with this art.
1: It promote the culture of the society
2: It bring us to the knowledge of the past and the hope for tomorrow
3:  Art should be funded at all levels

Empiregist : What role does arts funding have?

Samuel : The first step is to see art as a subject compulsorily to be studied for early childhood development and fund the availability of materials, tools and equipments
Secondly. Art should be giving high premium as other subject both at secondary and at Tertiary level
Thirdly. The government should adopt art as a therapy to the psychologically impaired people
Fourth. Provision of necessary material, tools instructors to schools where art is being thought.
Fifth. Government should employ more Art workers at the sectors needed instead of other art related experienced fellow
Sorry..It elevates the spirit of the art lovers and give them chances to explore beyond limitations

Empiregist : What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Samuel : “Follow excellence and success will run after you”

Empiregist : What’s your advice to every other artist out there?

Samuel : “Life is a race, if you don’t run fast, you will get trampled”…. _3 idiot. Art is wide, run your own race and success will run after you

Empiregist : Thank you very much
It was nice having you on our platform, We hope to serve you better.


Samuel : Thank u. My pleasure too

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